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How does drinking water help you lose weight ?

Med Coolman | Wednesday, August 13, 2014 | |
how does drinking water help you lose weight

        A normal human body needs 8 glasses of water every day for the normal healthy functioning of the body [Tweet This]. This may differ by a glass or two based on the individual require.
So are you drinking enough water to lose weight?  

If not then you are depriving yourself of the many health benefits of water.
Your body is mainly made up of water (64 - 70%) so you have to keep yourself well hydrated for good health.

When you think of water, most commonly it is something you drink whenever you feel very thirsty. 

In fact, it’s the best liquid you could ever drink. Because it can be hard to drink water the whole day, you choose to drink other liquids with flavor like Soda. 

But it may be way better from a health standpoint to change a couple of sugary drinks with water every day. This will reduce your calorie intake and allow your body functions efficiently.

So, how does drinking water help you lose weight?
And why water can be a good way to lose weight?

Some Researches on the activity of water during weight loss claims that drinking water is responsible for one-half pound of weight loss per week. [Tweet This]

These are 10 reasons why drinking water helps you lose weight:

1. Increasing water intake will help you with burning fat because, in a dehydrated state, the fat burning process is slowed down.

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2. Water is an excellent medium for washing the mucous membranes throughout the human body. It’s also the Ideal fluid for filtering body metabolites that accumulate during the night; like cholesterol.

3. Drinking water at regular intervals may maintain your body temperature 
[Tweet This], by this maintenance of body temperature; about eight to ten calories (per glass of water) are lost. Though this can be a negligible amount, it still equals about 100 calories a day!

4. Water is essential to enable your body to flush out toxins that build up in the human body after cellular processes take place.

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5. Drinking a good amount of water before and during meals can decrease your food intake due to losing of appetite and therefore reduced calories. This is a great way to lose weight using water.

6. Drinking water is important to help your body burn calories efficiently. When you drink water you increase your metabolism activity. This, in turn, helps burning more calories.

7. As a filtration agent, water helps by moving toxins, bacteria and other agents out of the body.

8. Replacing sodas and other sweet drinks with water allows you to reduce your daily calorie intake and help you lose weight 
[Tweet This]. If you have the habit of consuming sugar and flavor drinks and you replace that with drinking water, it makes a huge difference. 
Example, a can of coke equals to 140 calories. If you drink 3 cans each day that is 3000 calories per week. Now, if you replace your coke drinking habit by drinking water, you will be able to avoid approximately one pound of fat per week (3500 calories = one pound of fat).

9. Drinking hot water after eating red meat and other fatty food will enable you to split fat faster and as such reduce weight gain.

10. Working out needs more hydration and water allows for lubrication between your bones, cartilage, and muscles; which is reducing stress on your body after your workout.

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Whether you’re drinking water to get rid of weight or eating adequately, the results are going to be favorable to you. 

You will probably feel better and experience less bloating and other gas pains related to unhealthy eating.

Water is intended to be used in its natural and normal state, without added chemical compounds or sugars. In all, you will never regret including more water to your diet [Tweet This]

It is definitely a life saver as well as a weight reducer if used judiciously and as an alternative to your other heavy drinks. Try it and you will thank me.

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