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Fish oil supplements on a white dish

Kyoto University researchers have found that fish oil transforms fat-storage cells into fat-burning cells, which may reduce weight gain in middle age. Fish oil activates receptors in the digestive tract, fires the sympathetic nervous system, and induces storage cells to metabolize fat.
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Obese man and a bicycle

Using cycling to lose weight is one of the great weight loss ways. It's sociable, challenging and offers a great workout. Suitable for everyone, at any age, cycling helps weight loss as it burns calories and improves your health. A great way to get out in the clean air and help your weight loss goals!
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Top 35 Weight Loss Smoothies And Their Recipes

Smoothies are one of the best tools for weight loss. The main reason that smoothies may help in weight loss is that you can get all of the necessary nutrients in a single glass without adding in excess or empty calories. 

When you learn about the ingredients that create a balanced smoothie for weight loss, you will be able to include a very good balance of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, protein, as well as vitamins and nutrients.

By mixing the correct ingredients, you can create smoothies that taste great and aid in weight loss. 

First, before starting our top weight loss smoothies list, I recommend you to learn how fo build an effective smoothie for losing weight and what are the dos and don’ts of making weight loss smoothies. 
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