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Best Lunch For Weight Loss

Med Coolman | Friday, June 20, 2014 | | | |
Chicken soup with bread for lunch

It’s not easy for anybody to lose weight. The issue is that a majority of people go to extremes without considering what’s really effective and what exactly is good for their own health. It is essential that you get the best lunch for weight loss when you’re on a diet plan.

It has been confirmed that those who underestimate the importance of the meal have a tendency to experience severe hunger pangs in the afternoon. In this way, these dieters will probably have a high-calorie snack and ruin their weight loss program.

People who try to resist the natural urge for food usually end up with lightheadedness, a deficit of energy and general weakness. This is unhealthy and it also affects negatively your productivity.

The great thing is that you might have a delicious lunch that will keep you full for the whole afternoon and that won’t interfere with the principles of your low-calorie diet. You will be able to have a lunch that is tasty as well as quite nutritional.

So what is this best lunch for weight loss that we are talking about?

The chicken soup with some brown bread is a great choice for lunch. Your stomach will get full so you’ll not experience the afternoon hunger pangs. Most importantly, the actual soup offers an excellent nutritional in addition to healing characteristics. 

Consequently, as the saying goes, you will kill two birds with one stone if you have a cold.

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Green salad
Green salad

A green salad is also one of the best choices you can make. You may have any mixture of vegetables that you want. It’s a good idea for you to include some beans in the dish because they are full of antioxidants and they contain a particular chemical compound that is known to decrease the feeling of being hungry. 
Even so, you need also to have some lean meat as part of your salad like turkey or chicken.

A number of chicken breast pieces will certainly put more nutritional qualities to your salad without increasing the substantially the number of calories you eat. You are able to readily change the poultry with tuna. 
It is really tasty, nutritional and useful for the heart. In any case, it’s best not to have a dressing other than extra virgin olive oil.

If you like to eat a sandwich then you can easily base your option on the above-mentioned principles. 

The chicken and tuna sandwiches are good, but it is always possible to choose turkey or salmon as an alternative. It is important to note that the rest of the ingredients are vegetables only.

one apple and one pear
one apple and one pear

It’s also important that you take a fruit for dessert at lunch. Apples and Pears are tasty and rich in fiber, which is quite filling.

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To summarize the best lunch for weight loss contains:
chicken soup with some brown bread + green salad with some lean meat like chicken or tuna + Apples or pears.

If you have any other ideas for better choices please share them with us.

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