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Hi there , Welcome to Useful Weight Loss Ideas  =)

I'm Med. I’m not a certified trainer, nutritionist or a doctor! 
I'm a simple biology's student, researcher ,blogger , runner , reader , documentaries watcher, and Social media lover. 
I'm really passionate about fitness , health , biology , bio-livin g, blogging , traveling, nature and cultures, technologies and more other topics.

This is my first and my only blog (for the moment). I officially started it at 20/06/2014.

So, why am I blogging about weight loss and not about the other topics that I'm interested in ?

Uno, Obesity (BMI more than 30) or Overweight (BMI more than 25) generate many health problems, including high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes , heart disease , obstructive sleep apnea, certain types of cancer , and other illnesses . 
The more scariest thing is that over the past 33 years, worldwide overweight and obesity rates among adults have increased by 27.5%, while such rates among children and adolescents have increased by 47.1%. Collectively, the number of overweight and obese people worldwide has increased from 857 million in 1980 to 2.1 billion in 2013. Of these, 671 million are obese. 

What I want to tell you by all these statistics is: there are many people that are suffering from obesity (including my mom) . 

This fact gives me an important reason to make my first blogging experience about weight loss because I would love to help people live their life to the fullest by improving their health, body, energy and happiness! I also like to be a part of their weight loss success.

Secondo, This field, is related to many other topics that I'm interested in such as running , nutrition , psychopathology , psychology, genetics, endocrinology, pathophysiology...

Now, let me tell you something about my philosophy and what makes UWLIdeas (useful weight loss ideas) different than other blogs (there are hundreds of blogs talking about weight loss)

1- Mostly, I Write my own articles, based on my well researching as well as trusted experiences from trustworthy people and bloggers.

2- I Try to find the best ways and tips that I can, to share them with you. 

When I say " Best " it does not mean that is really the best in this world because the best in all things is continuously changing and developing day after day, on the other hand, the best for you is not the best for me or for another person, it's up to you to find your best path. However, I'll try to keep myself updated and give you many choices and ideas to lose weight, because each one of you has to find the path that works for him (it's not necessary to have pain and headache to lose weight like many people think).

3- I am subscribed to the most trustful and informative health resources (scientifical journals, health news,...) so I can provide you with the latest news and research about weight loss and obesity.

Fortunately, getting healthy and losing weight don’t need to be necessary about sacrifice and willpower. At UWLIdeas , you’ll learn to upgrade your health style, to lose weight with effective methods and to make healthy living fun and easy.

I hope to provide you with inspiration to make positive lifestyle choices and the information to take control of the life you were given, to be open-minded, passionate, and enthusiastic about leading a healthy, happy, fit and active lifestyle. 

Last, but not least, I would like sincerely to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to stop by my little blog. I am so grateful that you choose to spend some time with me here and more grateful if I have helped you.

If you want to get in touch with me, as a social media addict (especially on Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr), it’s very easy to find me:

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Regards :) 

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