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Do You Lose Weight When You Sleep

Med Coolman | Friday, August 01, 2014 | |
Obese man sleeping on a couch

Do you lose weight when you sleep? 
Some people want to know the answer to this question and how they can easily lose weight with using one of the most things that people love "sleeping".

Getting enough sleep is very important for anyone attempting to lose weight. The National Sleep Foundation reports that individuals who sleep less than six hours every night have a higher BMI (body mass index) than people who sleep 8 hours.

The explanation for that lies in the nightly hormones which occur while sleeping: Ghrelin and Leptin. Ghrelin is the hormone which tells your body when you are hungry and Leptin tells you when you are full. If you are not sleeping enough, a hormonal imbalance occurs. Ghrelin will increase and Leptin will decrease, which means that you will feel hungrier and less likely to feel full, which is resulting in overeating.

When you are sleep deprived you may consume usually an amount of 300 additional calories per day 
[Tweet This]. Which lead you to gain 1lb every 12 days if you don’t burn those extra calories (12 * 300 = 3600 calories = 1 lb)

Your metabolism decreases when you are tired as a way to conserve energy. Your body’s natural ability to burn calories diminishes and is more likely to absorb and keep calories than burning them.

Although you have to know that your eating habits are related to how you sleep as well as your ability to lose weight while you sleep. The main element to losing weight when you sleep lies in what you eat before sleeping. These are some tips to do, that will help you lose weight when you sleep.

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Eat More Fiber 

high fiber food
Fiber is the indigestible part of a plant. It's in vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and beans. Fiber binds with liquids existing in your stomach to create a gummy gel which makes you feel full as it slows your digestion.

Do Not Eat Unhealthy Food After 7 pm

stop unhealthy food

You must never eat an unhealthy food after 7 pm [Tweet This]. Eating late in the evenings can have an impact on your natural hormone cycle and your digestive process. If you want to eat late in the evening, take a light healthy snack: A small bowl of oatmeal made with fat-free milk, a low-fat yogurt with chopped granola or walnuts, a piece of whole grain toast with a tsp of peanut butter are some good choices.

Select Your Bedtime Snacks Carefully

10 healthy bedtime snacks infographic
Dairy products are recognized to induce sleep considering that the brain uses their calcium and tryptophan to manufacture melatonin. Crabs stimulate the release of insulin, which aids clear the bloodstream of amino acids that compete with tryptophan. 
This enables a natural sleep-inducing amino acid to enter the brain and be used to produce sleep-inducing substances like Serotonin and melatonin (It’s a little complicated to understand all links between hormones and how they affect each other, so I prefer to not enter in more details). Also, I recommend you to keep your bedtime snack under 200 calories.
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Do Not Eat Foods That Are Keeping You Up At Night

mug of coffee
There are several foods that may keep you awake and make your sleep more difficult and you have to keep away these foods from close to bedtime. These detrimental foods include carbonated drinks, fatty and fried foods, spicy foods, caffeine, citrus, tomato sauce, chocolate, mints, garlic, and onions.

Make An Environment Which Encourages Sleep

make the best environment for sleeping

Do some stretching exercises (just for 5 min) and get a hot relaxing bath before sleep, also don’t forget to turn off all electrical devices. 
LCD lighting from electrical devices could actually affect your body circadian rhythm and disturb your natural sleep pattern.

Get A New Mattress

white mattress

If you’re turning and tossing the whole night, you have to look for a new mattress. Mattresses must be changed every 7 years. 

Create A Bedtime Routine

Creating a bedtime routine is just as essential as setting time aside to go to the gym and to cook a healthy meal.

Losing weight while you sleep is the easier way you can take to attain your weight loss goals [Tweet This], you just have to follow the tips above! 

If you have any other ideas to lose weight while sleeping please share them with us.

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