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Body Wraps to lose weight and inches at home

Med Coolman | Monday, June 23, 2014 | | |
Body Wraps to lose weight and inches at home

A body wrap is a weight loss and skin rejuvenation and also a health improvement method that involves the employment of natural ingredients as well as other herbal elements including herbal oils. Weight loss body wraps can appear as a modern fad but these techniques have been in use as healing techniques and beautification solutions - since the times of the Ancient Egyptians.

Body wraps are a temporary weight loss solution, fats lost by this technique may re-appear within a few weeks. Weight loss body wraps are designed for someone who likes to have a slimmer and a much healthier figure within a few days, perhaps because they have an event coming up in a few days, and need a faster effective slimming solution.

Weight loss body wraps allow you to detoxify the body by eliminating toxins and debris under the skin [Tweet This], they help evenly tone your skin and restore its elasticity as well as improve blood circulation. Aside from that, Weight loss body wraps also mobilize fats at the cellular level to get rid of them from your body naturally.

Other than a heating pot, a mixing bowl, wrapping sheets like thin towels and the natural cream or gel, you have no need for any extra materials to start using body wraps. After you purchase a body wrap, it often comes with the sheets in addition to instructions on how to use it on your body the properly.

Weight loss body wraps work in two stages: The initial stage is the absorption. In this stage, the substance in a gel form is applied on the body by the wraps. The ingredients in the gel will open the pores of the skin in order to make the fluids absorbed into the skin.

There are a variety of absorbents such as sea clay, seaweed, herbal, mineral, and Aloe Vera. The effect and results of the weight loss body wrap depend on the type of ingredients used.

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There are different types of body wraps you have to know, I will mention some of them:

Algae and seaweed body wraps:

They boost metabolism and improve your skin health. The treatment involves a full-body application of algae or seaweed a foil wrap.
If you want to use this type of body wraps I recommend you the Seaweed Powder

Herbal body wraps:

Uses herbs selected for their nourishing and detoxifying properties. The herbs are blended with oils and steeped in very hot water. Cloth sheets are then soaked in the solution and wrapped around the body. It nourishes the skin and removes dead cells.
Check it out: Herbal body wraps

Mud body wraps:

They increase circulation and removes toxins from the skin, they are also known for tightening and firming skin texture. Mud is applied to the entire body and is then removed with hot towels after a period that allows the nutrients in the mud to be absorbed by the skin.
Want to use mud body wraps?

Clay wraps:

It is similar to mud wraps and is often mixed with some aromatherapy oils.
Check this: Mineral Clay Body Wrap Kit

Remember that body wraps are made to take off inches of fat and just a very few pounds. Since it minimizes the fats under the skin, fats in the other areas of your body may not be eliminated or when removed the weight is going to be negligible. So, if you need a more defined figure fast, you can opt for weight loss body wraps but if you need a complete weight loss it is advisable to use body wraps with traditional weight loss methods like exercising and a diet plan.

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